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Obstacle Course Race Training

Obstacle course training is the new boot camp format. There are many obstacle course races to choose from.

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There are fun ones, tough ones, long ones, extreme ones. It seems like there’s race for everyone. Obstacle course race training will definitely challenge your muscles, mind and heart. So you better prepare yourself.

OCT (obstacle course training)/Spartan SGX Training is offered by Belin Sport & Fitness (BS&F) in Washington DC/Maryland. We have mastered the format of small group training. Our obstacle course training is designed to prepare the participant, over a three month period, for competitive sporting events. Whether you are preparing to run a 5K, a marathon, a mud race, or any other extreme competition (ie. Spartan Race). YOU WILL BE READY!

There are four main factors we focus on:

  • building strengthen & conditioning
  • cardio endurance and stamina
  • obstacle techniques
  • Injury prevention.

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Our outdoor obstacle course training program is a designed over a twelve week period. It is a functional fitness program, which incorporates many different modalities of the fitness industry:

  • obstacle course trainingbody weight
  • kettle bells
  • weight training
  • Core
  • HIIT
  • TRX
  • Running

Our goal is to simulate as many different things you will see on an obstacles course as possible to get you ready for the challenge of the course:

  • obstacle course training Log Carry
  • Wall Climbing
  • Barbwire crawl
  • Trail Running
  • Mountain Running
  • Sandbag Carry
  • Many more

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Prepare for your next Spartan Race or other Obstacle Course Race at our outdoor location. Our obstacle course training program designed to create an exhilarating and community driven group atmosphere.  You will run, jump, climb, push, pull, throw, stretch, breathe and sweat to build both mental and physical endurance and stamina. You will do so in an environment that challenges you to achieve goals you never thought possible.


Obstacle Course Races

For beginners we recommend a short obstacle course race. There are races that are 3+ miles and 20+ obstacles like the Spartan Race Sprint. Complete the race at your own pace. If you fail an obstacle along the way, you owe us 30 burpees before continuing on.

Ready for more? The Spartan Race Super & Down & Dirty Obstacle race are a little longer 8+ miles, 24+ obstacles, and often hosted on a tougher terrain.

The hardest of the three races is the Spartan Beast or Tough Mudder. These courses are 12+ miles and 30+ obstacles. We’ll leave the challenges of the course to your imagination.


Washington DC Obstacle Race Summer Calendar:

Date: Obstacle Coarse Race Location
April 2016 04/09| Spartan Race Sprint Charlotte, NC
04/30| Spartan Race Beast Tri-State
May 2016 05/07| Savage Race Kennedyville,MD
05/14| Warrior Dash Budd’s Creek, MD
July 2016 07/11| Tough Mudder Dowsell, VA
07/16| Spartan Race Super Palmerton, PA
07/24| Down & Dirty Obstacle Course Warminste, PA
August 2016 08/27| Spartan Race Sprint Mechanicsville, MD
September 2016 09/17| Spartan Race Beast TBA, VT
09/24| Spartan Race Super Wintergreen, VA

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Obstacle Course Race Training