BS&F has been at the forefront of the growing and changing small group training (fitness boot camps) industry since 2006.

BS&F believes that 90% of people painfully fail to meet their fitness goals. The other 10% train with us. . . Welcome to the 10% crowd.

The best fitness boot camp program in the city (DC, VA, MD & NYC)!

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Mr. K, General Contractor
The RESULTS are IN!!!! Mr. K weighted 332.4 on day 1, and on day 11 he weighed 310.6…He lost 23 pounds in 11...
Camelle F, Teacher
“I decided to take the ‘Belin Challenge Fitness Camp’ because it was time to take control of my life, I hadacquired onset diabetes and my wedding was...
Mary K, Student
“I’ve been doing boot camp since May. After 5 months, I have lost over 72 pounds and have gone down a few clothing...
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